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Drug and Alcohol Services

Drugs and alcohol affect the brain and body functions. They can alter a person’s perceptions, emotions, movement, vision and hearing.

Like smoking once someone starts drinking alcohol or using drugs the body and mind become used to these substances and the person beomes addicted to them.

People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol may feel isolated, helpless and ashamed. Addiction is a problem that many people face.

Help is available for people who have issues with addiction to drugs and other substances, alcohol or smoking.


Questions about Drug and Alcohol Services

Question 1.

If you knew someone who was using drugs or alcohol and they were finding things difficult and wanted some support; where do you think you would suggest they looked for information on support services?


If a young person is looking for support because they are having problems with using drugs or alcohol they could talk to an adult they trust like a youth worker, older friend, or family member.

There are local support services they could go to that can be contacted through Safer South Gloucestershire, the ‘Off the Record’ advice service in Bristol and there is the website called ‘talk to Frank’ which has some useful advice on it and is specifically about drugs and alcohol

It’s really important that they get support as soon as they feel they need it

Go to You Tube to hear and see the Young People’s Responses


Question 2.

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What would you expect the services to do for the young person who was using drugs or alcohol?


The services should be confidential; the young person should feel that they can trust the person or people that they talk to. They should feel that they are respected. Its also important that the service is local and not too difficult for the young person to get to.


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