What the LINk is working on

The LINk is also constantly raising issues with Health and Adult Social Care Commissioners and Service Providers.

The Issues raised come from the Working group work plans, engagement reports and issues the LINk has heard about whilst meeting and talking to members of the community in South Gloucestershire.

If you have any comments, stories or queries about the issues that are currently being discussed please contact us or go to our Discussion Forum and let the LINk know what you think

Issues Currently being discussed include:Bioveliss Tabs oppinioni

  • Nutrition and Hydration in Hospital
  • Services for People with Lymphodoema
  • The review of Pathology Services in Bristol
  • Services for People using Local Day Centres
  • Toenail Cutting Services in South Gloucestershire
  • Services and Support for People with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Services for Adults with Autism
  • Mental Health Services for Older People who don’t have Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

LINk Engagement Reports

The reports below describe engagement work that the LINk has carried out with Communities and groups in South Gloucestershire

The Engagement reports are discussed by the LINk Core Management Group and/or by the LINK working groups that are most relevant to the topics and recommendations contained within the report

If you would like a report in another format or in a Community Language please contact us.

LINk Work Plans

The majority of the LINk working groups have work plans. These work plans form the direction of the group’s work and generally define what they are working on currently.

The work plans have been developed by the working groups and change and evolve as the work of the group also changes