What does the LINk look like?

The LINk is made up of its participants – these include people who have joined the LINk as individuals perhaps because they have a direct experience of Health or Social Care or have something to say about; these also include people who are involved in the LINk to represent the views of local communtiy and voluntary groups, many of whom have a particular interest in Health and/or Social Care

The LINk has several working task groups focusing on different types of Health and Social Care Services. Chairs or representatives of these groups sit on the LINk Core Management group. The Core Management Group oversees all the work of the LINk. There is also a Communications Working Group who are responsible for all LINk ccommunications including the development of this website, An Engagement and Involvement group who plan the work the LINk and the host workers do in ensuring everyone in South Gloucestershire has the opportunity to get their views on Health and Social Care heard.

There is also a Governance group who ensure that the LINk’s work follows the principles of governance.

What is governance?

Every service and organisation has rules and procedures it works with to help it to do its job properly.  Governance for the South Gloucestershire LINk covers how the South Gloucestershire LINk will work and how  it will achieve its goals and lays down some ground rules to work with.

Governance covers areas of:

  • Participation
  • Complaints
  • Communication
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Accountability

The Governance framework for the South Gloucestershire LINk has been developed by the Interim Steering Group , using good practice from other LINks and the NHS Centre for Involvement and other resources.

South Gloucestershire LINk Governance and Structure

Click here to see a picture of the LINk Structure

You do not have to join or participate in a working task group to participate in the LINk – you can receive information from us regularly, come along to a group or an event that interests you, or receive our E bulletin regularly (see the sign up at the top of the page)

The host Development Worker also visits and runs workshops with community and voluntary groups to ensure their views are heard in the LINk

If you would like us to visit your group contact us.

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