How to Get Involved

Why get involved?

LINks are relevant to you, your family, your community, the people you know and the groups you may be involved with.

By becoming involved you can:

  • Get attention for neglected issues and ideas about Health and Adult Social care
  • Influence those who make decisions about new or existing Health and Adult Social Care services – the local NHS and local Authority
  • Help the community speak with a stronger local voice about its Health and Adult Social Care Services
  • Help services understand how they can provide better care



How much time will it take?

It is easy to get involved and it is up to you how and when you participate.

We provide different ways for you to make your views count.

You can have your say here, or comment on issues when contacted by the LINk or you can get more involved – by raising awareness of an issue or by helping to find solutions by either meeting providers or being part of a working task group.

Join one of the LINk Working groups

or come along to a meeting to find out what happens

Working Task Groups include:

Transition group (formerly Governance/Communications & Engagement Groups)

C – LINk working group (for the Chinese community)
Adult Social Care working task group (amalgamated with Choice & Control Group)
Mental Health Services working task group
Health Services working task group

All these groups are open to anyone – contact us for more information

You can:

Raise an issue or concern about Health and/or Adult Social Care Services

Attend an occasional meeting on an issue that interests you

Get involved in an online discussion about a specific issue

Become an authorised representative who goes into services to see how they are run – enter and view

Invite us to come and talk to a community or voluntary group.

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