How does the LINk work?

The LINk has powers to hold to account the Commissioners and Providers of Health and Adult Social Care Services.

The job of the LINk is to find out:

  • What people like and don’t like about the health and social care services they use
  • What new health and social care services people need
  • What people think about plans for new services and how they should look and function

The LINk will then work with the people who plan and run health and social care services to help them improve services for the people who use them.


LINks have powers to help them to do this.

The South Gloucestershire LINk can:

  • Ask for information about services and get answers in a specified time
  • Report on problems and make recommendations for changes and get answers in a specified time
  • Visit health and social care services to see if they are working well
  • Refer problems to the local Health and Community Care and Housing Select Committees for Scrutiny by them
  • Refer problems to the Care Quality Commission (the national body responsible for inspecting and regulating health and social care services)

Health services include:

General Practitioners (GP’s)
Antenatal clinics
NHS Direct
Doctors on call
Family Planning
Health visitors
Health Screening

Adult Social Care Services include:

Care homes
Day centres
Mental health services
Services for Older people
Services for Vulnerable adults
Learning Difficulties services
Drug and alcohol services
Social workers
Community Meals
Respite Care services

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